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This past summer (2017) I volunteered at a science and technology museum called Discovery World.  Part of my volunteer duties were supervising the 'Touch Tanks' in the aquarium area of the museum.  I educated visitors on the animals there and kept watch over their interactions with the animals they had living in the aquariums.  

Given my interest in game development, and the fact that Discovery World also recently began work on their VR exhibit, I was inspired to create a virtual version of the aquarium's Touch Tank attraction.  I also offered to have this app installed at Discovery World's Aquarium on their terminals as part of my volunteer service.  Though we never came to a decision on whether or not it would be incorporated into the exhibit, I still thought I should upload it here for others to experience.  If you live in the American Midwest and are interested in visiting Discovery World, more info can be found on their site here:  https://www.discoveryworld.org/

This game is for educational purposes only, and I am not affiliated with Discovery World.


Virtual Aquarium.rar 183 MB
Touch Tank.app.rar 186 MB

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