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The Witch of Warkworth is a short medieval adventure/horror experience where you play as a knight tasked with hunting a witch in 15th century England.  Created in one month for the Darktober18 game jam.

This game uses no pre-made or purchased visual assets, all textures, 3D models, animation and art were created exclusively for this jam over the course of October 2018.  You can find more of my work on my website here:  


The Witch of Warkworth is best played with a controller.

Gameplay tips:  With the Sword & Shield equipped, you can block most attacks, but you deal less damage than with the Two Handed Sword, which cannot block.  

If you encounter a glitch where the game is paused with no menu or the menu is up but the game is not paused, press Start/F to get rid of the menu and then press the 'Ready Weapon' button to unfreeze time without the menu active.  This should reset the alternation between the two so that the menu is only up when the game is paused and vice versa. 

Install instructions

In order to play this game, you just have to download the .RAR archive file and extract it with something like Winrar or 7zip.  After the game is decompressed, double click the Icon, choose your quality settings and the game will start.


The Witch of Warkworth.rar 910 MB


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I tried the game, i loved the atmosphere and scenery, only two issues was actually getting into the catacombs, pressing E several times to open the door (couple of minutes), the combat wasn't too great i have to be honest.. but again i loved the atmosphere, player design was cool too, here's some footage. 5/5